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CFOA X-Ball - July 7, 2013



FREE Entry Fee if your team has played 2 or more CFOA events in 2013. Teams MUST have at least 75% of the current 5man CFOA roster on xball roster in order to be considered free!
Entry Fee for teams that have played only 1 CFOA event in 2013 is $200
Entry Fee for teams that have not yet played the CFOA in 2013 is $350


Paint will be available at the event for regular CFOA prices.


APPA registration is required, but this WILL NOT count toward your APPA ranking!!! So if you have always wanted to play up a division is your chance!

Click Here to Register Now!

CFOA IDs are not required, but you must have some form of photo ID at the event.


Race to 4 format with 12 min. matches.


Roster size up to 9 players and up to 3 staff


 Novice and Amateur
Novice will be any D5/D4 with no more than 2 D3 players.
Amateur will be any D3/D2 with no more than 2 D1 or higher

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